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Elvis 56 

After a lot of hard work & dedication Andrew is now living his dream fronting his own Elvis tribute band. Entertaining audiences with his celebration of Elvis ' music, doing it in his own respectful way . Andrews voice, sense of humour and obvious love of Elvis makes him a natural performer & a must see. 


Charlie is Andrew's right hand man , he has been along side Andrew now for over 10 Years playing many venues all over the UK. Charlie plays lead guitar and has a collection of original guitars to get the sound as close as possible. Charlie also plays the Baritone Guitar, a must for any Elvis tribute band. 



On the Drums , Adrian is the back bone of the band. With a back ground in Musical theatre and a pure love of music, any band would be honoured to have Adrian as their drummer. He is also the band supplier of sweets!! 

Tom Plays bass guitar for Elvis 56 and the Heartbreakers. With over twenty years of experience, Toms excellent playing is the beating heart of the band. Brother to Charlie, you can guarantee that brilliant musicianship runs in the family.



The Exceptionally talented Ben is the youngest member of Elvis 56 & The Heartbreakers but he is no means any less experienced. His playing of the keys and knowledge of music would be hard to beat. He is our Wikipedia!!


A life long friend to Charlie & Tom. Elvis 56 & The Heartbreakers are very lucky to have Max playing Rhythm guitar. He also adds his voice to the backing singing . Max's love of music & gigging is very evident & never fails to bring a smile to everyone's face 


Shaun's Amazing vocal talent is something Elvis 56 & The Heartbreakers has been looking for for a long time. His ability to find and execute perfect harmonies is sheer brilliance. A huge asset to the band & a perfect fit. Shaun has sung all over the UK & has a wealth of experience. We'd be lost without him. 


Elsa has been with Elvis 56 & The Heartbreakers from the beginning which either makes her very loyal or very stupid!! Elsa loves the band life from rehearsing to show time, Elsa always there with a smile & a cake


Wendy has a life long love for singing & is now living her dream. An absolutely beautiful voice , kind soul & wicked sense of humour make her perfect for Elvis 56 & The Heartbreakers. Wendy keeps us all in check with her excellent organisation skills & a post it note for everything! 


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